11044 TTL-Converter for Canon for SEA&SEA underwater housings

Optoelectronic TTL-Converter for Canon for Sea&Sea MDX underwater housings. Compatible strobes: Z240, Z330, YS-D1, YS-D2, YS-250, DS161, DS160
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#11044 Optoelectronic TTL-Converter for modern Sea&Sea housings (for Canon), including 5Dm4, 5DSr, 7Dm2 and other newest models. All Canon cameras are compatible, independently of TTL protocol version. Supported strobes: Inon Z-240, Z-330; Ikelite DS-161, DS-160; Sea&Sea YS-250, YS-D1, YS-D2. TTL board supports 2 pcs optical bulkheads + 2 pcs electric bulkheads can be connected. Standard kit includes 2 pcs optical bulkheads (for replacement original) and 1 pc electric cable/connector for connection to nikonos-v bulkhead. If necessary, the additional electric cable for second nikonos-v bulkhead is available as optional product. Separate modular design allowed to save camera pop-up flash operation for optical synchronization as well. TTL-Converter has automatic switch On/Off, Incredible battery life - 5 years. Easy installation by user


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